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Paula Mae Green grew up in Miami, Florida.  Her Family is of Swedish background, and includes several generations of crafts people, believing “if you are going to do something, try to take it to it’s highest form”. This instilled value has helped Paula strive for the utmost quality in her work.  Paula’s work is meticulously handcrafted with small brushes in order to get the fine detail unusual in most Batik.  The Batik process is a craft originating in the 13th century in Java.  It is a wax resist technique which involves working with natural fibers such as cotton or silk, fabric dyes and beeswax.

The process is as follows:

1. Starting with the lightest color you plan to use in your composition - the fabric is dipped into a pan of fabric dye.
2. The fabric is dried.
3. The area to remain that color is waxed over.
4. The process is then repeated with each color until the batik is completed.

Each application of wax preserves the color last applied.  On completion of the work the fabric is stripped of all wax to reveal the work. This is done with the dry cleaning process. The spontaneous fine lines running throughout the fabric is called the crackle effect.  This is characteristic of the batik process and the difficulties of mastering the technique.  Paula graduated from Florida State University and did advanced studies at the University of Miami.  She was employed as a High School Art teacher in Dade County school system for several years following graduation.  In the 80’s Paula moved to New York City where she did additional studies at Parson’s School of Design. Simultaneously her work was being shown and recognized in the metropolitan area. A need for larger working space soon took Paula to Southern Connecticut. In Connecticut, Paula had a gallery in historic South Norwalk for five years, and did extensive vintage lighting portraying antiquity and old world charm.  Paula wanted a simple life style and moved to Woodstock New York. She enjoyed a home on a mountain side in the Catskills. Paula was enchanted with this lifestyle for many years. She became involved in developing and producing a series of fine art limited edition “Giclees” of her Batik work. She also works closely with designers and architects and accepts challenging commissions. Paula has won numerous awards, and her work is in many private and corporate collections throughout the world.  Paula feels that the most important thing a person needs to know about art is how it makes them feel.  A person’s surroundings are a mirror of themselves.  “I feel if a person is doing something they truly love, it reflects in their life and work”. Paula has relocated to Pompano Beach, Florida.  Her summers are filled with art shows in the Chicago, Michigan, New York and other metropolitan areas.

Paula Mae GreenDefenition of Giclée

Giclée - (Gee Clay) - Limited Edition Print  The most precise process of high quality art printing is the Revolutionary Giclée process. *Limited Edition* Giclée art prints are produced by a process that harnesses the power of specially designed large format printers which use continuous-tone technology. Long lasting water-based ink dyes are optically blended together to form a continuous-tone images with sharp edges and soft blends reproduced precisely. Highlights and tones are printed accurately and deep colors are processed with richness.  Fine streams of ink dyes, at approximately 4 million droplets per second, are impregnated into the hand mounted paper or canvas on a drum rotating at a high rate of speed. Exact calculations of hue, value and density direct the non-toxic, water based ink dyes, producing more than 500 chromatic changes from more than 8 million possible colors.  Upon completion, the Giclée prints are enhanced with a penetrating, protective U.V. Coating that protects the Giclée prints from harmful ultra-violet light rays.  Paula Mae Green Giclée Fine Art Prints are produced on high quality canvas. After completion Paula goes in and enhances each print with her own hand. By combining the Giclée printing process with the high quality canvas, the "original prints" become the finest quality, longest lasting art prints available with an apparent resolution higher than lithographs and a dynamic color range greater than serigraphy.
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